About Us

AppCraft is a mobile app development company, based in Minsk.


Awards —

Unicorn 2D ”App of the Day" by Apple in 90+ countries

Unicorn 3D is  included in the top apps in "No Wifi" category

Unicorn Low Poly Puzzle held #1 overall position in less than a week on the App Store

Unicorn has been selected by Google to be featured in the "Editors Choice" category

About —

The AppCraft team is made up of professionals, combining creativity, deep expertise and years of experience . Before uniting into one cool team, our guys had time to work in different companies and areas, to acquire valuable skills abroad, what helps to implement them in the work now and to meet the latest user requests and deliver high quality products .

We are constantly growing and being enriched with new knowledge from the best experts in the world. This is our main goal and we are proud of what has already been achieved.The AppCraft team employs more than 30 professionals. We are one big united family and mutual understanding, fire in the eyes, desire to do our best are very important things. Only by combining our strengths, we create products filled with love.

For us, the most vital thing is that millions of people rejoice, find what they are looking for and use our apps every day. Today, there are more than 10 such products, and this is far from the limit. We try to be always a few steps ahead, therefore, our work is in a full swing around the clock and this is all done for you to see the quality on the screen of your mobile phone.

Here you can find both applications for a narrow audience, and intended for everyone. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, we will be happy to hear and take into consideration all of them, as interaction with users and continuous improvement of product quality is extremely important to us.